Daily departures: 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

We leave the city of Trujillo, taking the Panamericana Norte highway to Chocope (35 km from Trujillo). Here we enter by the detour that goes to the historic village of Magdalena de Cao (15 km), where there are various local craft shops. Finally, the route leads to the El Brujo archaeological complex, consisting of: Huaca Prieta, Huaca El Brujo and Huaca Cao Viejo.

We will visit Huaca Cao Viejo with its beautiful polychrome murals. In the Plaza Ceremonial we will see the prisoners and the so-called "Complex Theme" or Mochica Calendar. Then, we went up to the room where the tomb of the Lady of Cao was found. This patio is decorated with murals that represent the god Aia-Paec and also the life or catfish.

Museum Cao

This museum is dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of the entire cultural process of the El Brujo archaeological complex. It is made up of six thematic rooms, in which textiles, ceramics, carved mates are exhibited.

The last room is dedicated to the Lady of Cao, whose tomb was discovered in 2006. The various ornaments worn by this important woman are shown: earmuffs, nose rings, crowns, necklaces and batons, as well as the well-preserved skeleton. It is possible to observe the tattoos of snakes and spiders that still decorate their arms.


  • - Tourist transport.
  • - Official Tourism Guide.
  • - Pick up from hotel in Trujillo.

Not included:

  • - Foods.
  • - Transfers from hotels located in Huanchaco: The additional cost is 20.00 soles for one or two people.
  • Entrance to the places of Visit: The cost is as follows:
  • Huaca Cao Viejo and Museo Cao:
    10.00 soles (Adults)
    5.00 soles (Students or Retirees)
  • Nota: Children or school children pay 1.00 sol.