Catacaos is located 12 km from Piura, a typical village of deep-rooted customs.

Visit Catacaos is characterized by its craftsmanship in straw and cotton fabrics, and especially its gold and silver filigrees.

Catacaos is a beautiful northern city where we can enjoy the tranquility and the affection of its people. Archaeological remains of Narihual 5 km south of Catacaos, possible place of worship or fortress of the tallanes


Sullana is located 38 km from the city of Piura, with a warm climate. The Chira River has created a rich riverbank where coconut trees and other fruits abound


It is located to 57 km to the west of Piura, bay of wide beach and with spas like: Colán, Esmeralda and Yacila. The port of Paita has an excellent fishing complex.


Talara is located to 120 km of Piura, is the petroleum center more important of Peru. The export of oil takes place on land and in the continental shelf.


Sechura is located 55 km from Piura. Important for its bay and the current fishing center of Parachique, the exploitation of phosphates and the location of the pipeline that comes from the jungle and ends in Bayóvar. In this area you can see the desert of Sechura, the largest in Peru, located southwest of the department of Piura, with an extension of 5,240 km2.

Laguna Ramón

The Ramon lagoon located 45 km from Piura. Natural reserve of the Piura river, of very picturesque and attractive landscape.

Las Huaringas

The Huaringas located in the heights of the province of Huancabamba and to 214 km of Piura and to 1,953 m.s.n.m., conformed by a series of lagoons of mineral-medicinal waters.

Archaeological area of Vicus

The archaeological zone of Vicus is located 55 km southeast of Piura. In this area was developed one of the oldest cultures of the Peruvian coast, which has bequeathed precious works in gold and ceramics of stylized lines.