Maras, Moray and Salineras


Located to the west of Cusco at 3300 m.s.n.m. From there the Urubamba mountain range and the snowy peaks of "La Verónica" (5682 masl) and the "Chikón" (5530 masl) can be appreciated. Its important occupation began when the Cuscan noblemen of the Inkario were stripped of their palaces in the Qosqo and had That go out to settle in other small towns like Maras. It has a church made of adobes, typical of the religious architecture of the village, inside the church are kept linen from the Cusquenian School.


It is about 7 km southwest of Maras; Is the only archaeological group of its kind in the region. These are depressions or gigantic natural holes on the surface of the land that were used to construct terraces or agricultural platforms with their respective irrigation channels, is therefore a prototype of a greenhouse or biological experimental station quite advanced for its time that helped That the ancient American man inherited 60% of the vegetable products he consumed, that the Andean man consumed a thousand and a half different varieties of potatoes, a hundred and fifty corn, and many other products

Salineras or "Salt Mines":

Located to the northwest of the town of Maras they are constituted by about 3000 small wells with an average area of about 5 m², during the dry season they are filled or "watered" every 3 days with saline water that emanates from a natural manante located in the part Superior of the wells so that when the water evaporates, the salt contained in it gradually solidifies, then the salt is struck and thus granulated; The salt will be later pocketed in plastic sacks and sent to the markets of the region; Today that salt is being iodized reason why, its consumption is not harmful.

Maras, Moray and Salineras Itinerary of 1/2 day:

This circuit starts at 8:45 in the morning, then visit the attractions described and we will return at 4:00 pm.


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